Hi the scheme of MMM-NewPir is this:

case 1: screen is ON

count-down the config delay and wait for a pir detect response

if pir detected, it will reset the count down If no detection and time out -> turn off the screen case 2: screen is OFF

waiting for pir detection

if detected, turn on the screen and set the count down to the config value any mismake of detection ?

you can have have some mismake detection (in fault) why ?

sensibility of the sensor is too high ? the pir sensor can be in fault because your sensor is near a hot thing (radiator for exemple) a pir sensor search infrared change: an air flow cold/hot can make in fault pir sensor) … how calibrate a PIR Sensor ? some Pir sensor avec a sensibility and delay rule (potentiometer) sometime some pir sensor delay and sensibility adjust is needed

I think you understand sensibility ​but what is delay ?

the delay is simply when you pir sensor can be ready for read next information of detection
Generaly you have a range of 1s to 2min

sample with delay too high:

the delay is high, 1min for exemple, you can have this result with MMM-NewPIR (and other pir program):

you set 45 sec on the config pir sensor in ON and see somebody the pir sensor is now locked to the ON position while 1min and 1 min later go to the rest positon (and be ready for new detection) you can move behind the sensor … no detection (the sensor is already locked in ON position [It’s the hardware of the sensor, I can’t reset it]) The counter of NewPir count down… and 45 sec later -> screen off and migical … 15 sec later PIR sensor is now ready to receive informations … you move and turn on the screen ! I make a tools for adjust the pir sensor

Read the part of this wiki : How do some simply test and setup sensibility/delay of your PIR sensor ?