• RE: Assistant screen always displays on the bottom bar

    Got it, thanks!

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  • RE: Assistant screen always displays on the bottom bar

    This position is only used by extented display modules (spotify, music, screen,…)
    GA response field is a fixed pop-up in bottom and Informations bar in top

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  • Assistant screen always displays on the bottom bar

    My Google assistant is working. Both Detector and Assistant are set for “bottom_third”. The Detector logo displays where it should. But I can’t change the position of the Google Assistant pop-up. It always displays on the bottom bar, no matter how I set position. Here is my config:

                module: "MMM-GoogleAssistant",
                position: "lower_third",
                configDeepMerge: true,
                config: {
                    debug: false,
                    Extented: {
                        welcome: {
                            useWelcome: true,
                            welcome: "what is the date"
                    assistantConfig: {
                        latitude: 40.857380,
                        longitude: -74.524410,
                        lang: "en-US",
                    NPMCheck: {
                        useChecker: true,
                        delay: 1440 * 60 * 1000,
                        useAlert: false

    Here is the displayed window after the assistant activates:


    Any suggestions? Or is this how it is supposed to work?

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  • Question, not issue, about detector model sensitivity

    I have a question, not an issue. The “sensitivity” value can vary from 0.0 to 1.0, and the defaults are well specified in the wiki. I am having a problem with the Jarvis hotword being detected even when other words are said. Part of this is, I think, excess microphone gain. But I’d also like to adjust the sensitivity.

    The question is, which way, up or down, makes it less likely for the model to recognize the hot word, which also should make it less likely to respond incorrectly if a slightly different word is said? Let me put it another way. If the word “Jarvis“ is being detected when different words are said, do I want to reduce the sensitivity value, or increase it?

    The directionality of this setting is not defined in the wiki, and was not defined in the original Snowboy or various Assistant README files. The obvious answer would be that lower sensitivities make it less likely for the word to be detected, but I’d like to know for sure before I start mucking about ( déconner ) with settings.


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  • RE: GoogleAssistant v3

    Hi, related to this.
    don’t duplicate, best way for done bad things.
    Wait a response on your main post.

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  • RE: MM update 2.18 save?

    humm… this check is deleted since v3.2.4
    Try to update this module with npm run update command (inside this module directory)

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  • New Module soon: MMM-Netatmo-Thermostat

    Hi guys,

    I’m coding this new module
    It can display:

    • Actual Temperature
    • Setted Temperature and mode
    • Battery level
    • Radio Signal level
    • Firmware number
    • Heating status

    I test it in my prod mirror actually
    So I will release it, and post screenshot soon 🙂

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  • RE: Module not found error

    Hi… Make a sentence and retry

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  • RE: OK to use shellExec in detector config?

    EXT-PiLights.js is in dev, actually no released


    • it’s a plugins for GAv4
    • I will manage it with EXT-Gateway for this fonctionality
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  • RE: OK to use shellExec in detector config?

    I modified my local copy of EXT-PiLights.js. It looks for GA_ACTIVATE and then sends itself a socket notification to flash the lights. It’s not configurable from config.js, but it works.

    If anyone else is interested, I modified EXT-PiLights.js to listen for GA_ACTIVATE as follows, starting at line 30. However, a 3 year old could have found a better way to do this, so I apologize in advance.

        notificationReceived: function(notification, payload) {
            if (notification === 'PILIGHTS_SEQUENCE') {
                this.sendSocketNotification('SEQUENCE', payload);
            // The following bit is new
            if (notification === 'GA_ACTIVATE') {
                this.sendSocketNotification('SEQUENCE', 'blue_pulse');

    @bugsounet , thanks for all the work that you put into this project!

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